Shine For You (part 3/3) [supernatural] [Team Free Will]

I figured rather than let Tumblr piss me off again, I would just post my fic in parts.

I wrote this last night after recent spoilers broke my brain. Whatever will happen at the end of Season 6, this is set a few months after that.

Title taken from this, which I recommend listening to while you read:

In which Dean, Sam, and Castiel look up at the stars and all is forgiven.

((Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. ))


This is all the mending they need.

“When do you have to get back?” Dean asks cautiously, and Sam can tell right away the conversation he’s trying not to have. Castiel just turns his head and gives him a look that Sam can’t see.

Then he looks back up and shakes his head.

“They know how long I’ve been waiting for you to call me,” he says simply.

Dean breathes a loud sigh of relief. Then one of annoyance.

“You were waiting for us to call you? You couldn’t come down and make the first step?”

“Dean,” Castiel says, and to Sam and Dean astonishment, he’s laughing. Honest to god, giggling in the grass. He’s happy.

Sam can’t remember the last time he’s ever seen Cas like this.

“I don’t even know what the first step is. I doubt simply appearing before you would have done much good.”

“It wouldn’t have,” Sam agreed- but on Castiel’s other side, he can feel Dean trying to glare at him. “Well it wouldn’t have, Dean. You would have just yelled at him.”

“He’s the most powerful being in the cosmos! And he didn’t want to be yelled at?”

“Your anger is more moving than you give it credit for,” Castiel sighs. “At least to Sam and I it is. I could not afford to deal with it in the wake of all that was happening.”

“What if we’d needed your help?” Dean said. Sam felt himself tense. He didn’t want the conversation to take that turn.

“I watched over you,” the angel says simply.

Dean shuts right up. Sam can’t think of anything to say.

Castiel nods, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything left to say. So no one speaks.

They lie in the grass staring up at the stars- billions of burning gas spheres- nothing mythical or symbolic about them. All their meaning is- in reality- just sentiments held within hearts of those who gaze on them. Their beauty is a matter of opinion.

But Sam knows that the three of them can agree, silently, on one thing: the stars look their best from here. Right here.


And then they had sex in the grass. Lol no not really BUT MAYBE.

Thank you for reading!! I love you!